Kathleen and Kyle's Lake Pearl Wedding

If I had to sum up Kathleen and Kyle's sweet Lake Pearl Wrentham wedding in just a few words...Fun, authentic, and personalized, would come to mind. This adorable couple really rocked their local wedding and they had such a blast. Realizing in our initial meeting that we recognized each other from back in grade school, we laughed about how much has changed since our younger years of wearing our plaid pleated uniforms. Kathleen and Kyle were married in our local church -Sacred Heart Church, where she is is an active parishioner who actual sings as a Canter. I knew right away this wedding was going to be super special. 

Their day began at the Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham in Franklin. My second shooter Jeff and I arrived early to capture some fun getting ready shots of Kathleen and her girls, and Kyle and his guys. My first thought when I was introduced to all of Kathleen's Brides Maids was... " This is a fun group!". The girls all matched in their silky blue robes, and Kathleen looked absolutely adorable in her robe and veil.

Kyle sent a few of his groomsmen down from his room with a surprise for Kathleen. She opened the letter written by Kyle and almost laughed out loud and teared up as she got to the good stuff!   She was so surprised when she opened the gift that came along with the letter, inside was a beautiful ring from Tiffany and Co. Good Job Kyle!!

Soon it was time to get Kathleen in her dress, her Maid of Honor, Leigh Pierson, her Matron of Honor, Colleen Lunter and her Mother all helped her into the dress. I love the lace details and the corset back featured on her gown. 

While I love the pretty details and the fun of a wedding day these are the moments I live for, the unplanned and candid moments like when Kathleen's dad walked into the room and completely melted! This was the best surprise first look with dad ever! 

Kathleen has a such a timeless look about her. The combination of her veil with its delicate trim details, and her gorgeous hydrangea and Delphinium bouquet designed by Farrah Perl from Golden Gate Studios was truly breath taking. 

While the girls were all having their fun Kyle and his groomsmen were in a room close by having some fun of their own. After Kyle opened his gift of Johnny Walker Blue Label Whiskey that Kathleen had personalized for him, the boys all toasted to the happy day before heading out the door.

Kathleen arrived to Sacred Heart Church in North Attleboro, and stepped out in style. She was immediately greeted by Father Dave Costa at the door, Father was so excited to see her, he gave her a great big hug. The church was packed and the energy was electric. Minutes away from walking down the aisle to see Kyle, Kathleen was beaming. 

Kyle smiled as he saw his bride walking towards him and cheerfully shook her Dad's hand as they approached the end of the aisle.

The happiness shared between Kathleen and Kyle was contagious and spread throughout the church, their ceremony was a gleeful one and every guest was actively participating. Father Dave asked each of the guests to extend their hands in a blessing as the entire church blessed the marriage of Kathleen and Kyle.  

I have to give some serious props to Kathleen who had the courage to get up and sing in front of all of their family and friends. Proud smiles and impressed looks spread across the guests faces as Kathleen shared her beautiful gift with the whole church. Quite possible one of my favorite moments in the day, was when all the attention was on Kathleen, Kyle smiled so sweetly at his bride with a look of complete pride, like "thats my girl!". 

The bridal party and immediate family members joined the Bride and groom with Father Dave and Deacon Joe on the front patio outside the church doors for a quick picture before heading to Lake Pearl.


The weather was absolutely perfect and Kathleen and Kyle had some fun taking photos outside in the gardens of Lake Pearl. 

After we finished with family and bridal party photos we jumped in a golf cart and headed down to the beautiful boat house that Lake Pearl recently updated, located right on their beach. 

The lighting was so soft and romantic I couldn't get enough! 

Kyle held Kathleen's hand as they walked out to the edge of the dock, and they shared an intimate moment together as they looked out over Lake Pearl. 

Hues of blue popped in their decor in the main ballroom. They had little personal touches every where. Their cake designed by Montilio's was absolutely gorgeous.

Inside the guests were enjoying cocktail hour as we finished with bridal portraits. 

Kathleen and Kyle set the tone for the evening when they came in to the ballroom with incredible energy and shared their first dance to Justin Timberlake's "Mirror". You know it's going to be a fun night when your couples first dance song is JT!! 

Before the end of the song DJ Patrick Lally from South Shore Entertainment  called out for all the guests to join them on the dance floor. 

Kyle's Best Man and older brother Derek Filipe got up to speak first, followed by Colleen and Leigh, they each spoke so fondly of the couple that it was hard not to smile along as you listened.  Father Dave even said a few words as he shared his blessing before the meal. 

As you know for me, Dinner time is bling time... and I love to play with the rings! While Kathleen and Kyle sat down and enjoyed their first meal as husband and wife, I borrowed their rings and headed straight for a glittery "love" sign that I had spotted earlier in the day. I love the way this ring shot sparkles. 

Before kicking off an evening of dancing, Kathleen and Kyle cut their beautiful cake, and shared a special moment with their parents on the dance floor.

Next DJ Patrick Lally kicked it up a notch and the dance floor immediately filled with guests. Kathleen and Kyle certainly have a fun group of friends... the dance floor was packed for the remainder of the evening! 

The party was still going strong as it was time for me to say my goodbyes to the bride and groom, I thanked Kathleen and Kyle and gave them each a big hug! What a night!!! Kathleen and Kyle you guys are rockstars!!! 

Stacey and Mike's Wedding at Independence Harbor in Assonet, MA

Let me introduce to you Stacey and Mike! I first met Mike and Stacey in the spring of 2016, they were newly engaged and excited to begin the planning process. We hit it off right away, we chatted for over an hour getting to know each other and talking about their plans. Stacey shared their proposal story, that took place on Valentines day which I just love... because I am a romantic like that! Mike popped the question on that Valentine's day at the Battery Wharf in Boston, MA. They had a special evening planned, deciding it was too cold to go outside and walk around, they headed to the hotel room, "Mike must have been anxious because I turned around and there he was on one knee!" said Stacey. How cute! I was so excite to hear they had booked one of my favorite venues... Independence Harbor! It is such a great feeling when you just click with a couple, and thats exactly what was happening. We had such a great time at their engagement session at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline, I could tell their wedding day was going to be simply amazing.

The morning of their wedding arrived with a slight sprinkling of rain. As I walked into the hotel room, Stacey was having her final touch ups applied to her makeup. Stacey looked absolutely radiant, but what stands out the most to me, was the honest way in which her eyes were truly sparkling. Her glowing smile didn't leave her face. You could tell she was elated to be getting married to her best friend in just a few short hours! 

Stacey booked a great team of beauticians, her makeup artist Bebe Simone of Bebe Makeup Artist really worked with Stacey's natural beauty. I also love the classic simplicity of her hair, Carrie Rock of Salon Platinum really did a beautiful job.

Mike surprised stacey with a  beautiful pair of earrings.

The moment came for Stacey to slip into her dress. The Oleg Cassini bridal gown was stunning, with buttons cascading down the back and beautiful ivory lace details, Stacey was truly a beautiful bride! There was a knock on the door a few minutes later, Stacey's dad walked in, and welled up with pride! 

Just before the girls headed out I brought Stacey to the window for a few portraits! I had a bit of fun playing with the light here. On a side note how gorgeous is that bouquet made by Darlene from Heritage Flowers

While the girls were getting ready, my second shooter Jessica was hanging out with the guys.  Mike and and the boys were totally chill. Mike's son Michael helped him get dressed and squared of his tie. They enjoyed a few drinks together before suiting up and  heading to the church. 


The ceremony was held at St. Catherine's Greek Orthodox Church in Braintree. The church was so ornate and colorful, the ceiling was painted with the most intricate detail. When Stacey arrived to the church she and the rest of her bridesmaids tucked away in a back room for a few minutes before the start of the ceremony. I love these behind the scenes moments that Jessica captured. They really show Stacey's anticipation and excitement. Mike happily hugged his sisters and greeted other guests as they were arriving. When the processional started Mike waited at the end of the aisle for Stacey as her dad walked her down. Everyones heads were turned to see Stacey's gleaming smile. The traditional Greek ceremony was beautiful and filled with sweet moments of Mike and Stacey exchanging smiles with one another. 


After the ceremony we raced the rain clouds to Independence Harbor. We were so lucky that we were able to photograph all the family and bridal party portraits outside. Independence Harbor has gorgeous gardens that offer a picturesque scene no matter the time of year. The flowering trees were in bloom and brightened up the setting. Stacey and Mike strolled through the gardens together and laughed and cuddled together just as they did on their engagement session. Stacey chuckled when Mike laughed out loud as I told him to whisper in her hear... "oh I am good at this one" he said. He certainly is!


Inside the venue was set up for cocktail hour, they had a beautiful fruit display, and the card table showcased a signature mat that framed their wedding date.


After DJ Jason Demers from Music Machine introduced the bridal party Stacey and Mike shared their first dance, to Michael Bublé's "Close your eyes". This was not just your typical first dance moment... it was largely interactive as friends and family members literally showered the bride and groom with gifts of money, in Greek tradition. 


The speeches were made and everyone raised their glasses and toasted to the bride and groom!

Dinner is always fabulous at Independence Harbor, while the guests were enjoying their meal Stacey and Mike made their rounds to say hello, and I snuck off to photograph their rings! 

Mike's daughter Mary Kate surprised everyone when she broke into a beautiful song in honor of the bride and groom. She has a truly special gift, the moment brought tears to several guests eyes and Stacey had to fan herself to keep her tears back. 

Even Stacy and Mike's Cake cutting was adorable to watch, that smile still hadn't left Stacey's face! The cake was created by Just Desserts, and was every bit as yummy as it was pretty!  


Soon it was time for Stacey to dance with her father. Dad's got moves! 


The evening of fun kicked off as the DJ opened the dance floor and invited guests to visit the awesome Photo Booth provided by Smashing Photo Booth.


When they needed a break to cool off we decided to take some group photos, and then it was back to the dance floor! 


It simply wouldn't be a Greek wedding if there wasn't lots of Greek dancing! 


Every one had a great time, and Stacy and Mike never left the dance floor! Bearing witness to Stacey and Mike's love story has been such a privilege, I wish them the happiest of years to come! 


Ann and Mike's wedding at TPC Boston

When I first met with Ann and Mike, I fell in love with their personalities and who they are as a couple! They are so dynamic, fun-loving and down right hysterical. We chatted in my office about their wedding plans and how they met, and how much it means to them to have found each other.  Mike boasted about how much the camera loves Ann, and Ann blushed, I couldn't get enough of these two! They shared with me their excitement to include a family rat-rod that has been used in  other family weddings, and we discussed how great it was that Mike, a long time employee of TPC Boston was going to receive the absolute best wedding day treatment having their wedding hosted by all his dear colleagues. We laughed and laughed as we chatted, I was so exited to work with them. 

The wedding day came on a chilly March morning, the weather channel had been reporting possible rain or snow, but we were glad to see the sun was peeking through on Mike and Ann's big day. 


Ann and her daughter Olivia were getting ready in the ladies locker room when I arrived, Ann looked positively beautiful. I was just in time to photograph her last finishing touches being applied by her hair and makeup artist. 


Soon it was time to slip into their dresses, listening to Ann and Olivia laugh as they both helped each other into their dresses made me smile. It was a classic mother daughter moment.

I am a big fan of Ann's dress, the color was simply beautiful against her skin, and I love that it was a non-traditional color. Everything about Ann just rocks! 


We had just a few minutes before it was time to head upstairs to the ceremony, so we hung out... took a few beautiful portraits of Ann, and Ann took a few deep breaths.

Meanwhile, while I was hanging out with the ladies my second shooter Joe, went to find the guys. Mike and his best man Peter were finishing up getting ready in the mens locker room. Since Mike is a staff member of TPC, they decided to go on a behind the scenes tour of the club house, and headed to the bar and the kitchens. Every staff member lit up as they saw their favorite coworker in his wedding day attire. 

It is easy to see how well liked Mike is, and its even easier to see why when you get the chance to meet him personally. 

The ceremony was to be held in the rotunda of the clubhouse, as family and guests began gathering around, Mike's smile grew bigger and bigger. 

Olivia walked down the aisle with a beautiful bouquet of hydrangeas and roses. 

After seeing Olivia walk down the aisle Mike suddenly realized he forgot the rings! He sprinted into the other room to grab them. Ann turned the corner to find her groom wasn't at the alter. Ann realizing something wasn't right simply waved hi to everyone, with a big smile on her face and turned around and went back to her holding room. The guests erupted into laughter. Mike's sister quickly joined Ann to explain. They laughed together for a moment until Mike returned. 

Ann proceeded down the aisle, and this time the room was silent. She brightened the entire room with her presence, and Mike stood in awe.

Mike motioned to Ann to slow down for a moment so he could soak it all in. Seeing her there his eyes began to water. She walked up to him and joined him in front of the arbor, where he pulled her in for a big hug. 

After they exchanged their rings, Mike went over to Olivia and presented her with a beautiful bracelet. 

And then Mike and Ann shared their first kiss as man and wife!

They had some fun with their family portraits, after the ceremony. Their family members were a bit chilly so we kept it nice and quick. The lighting was perfect and the sun was still shining.

I have to pay tribute to this awesome rat-rod! Mike and Ann even had their cake topper made to look like it. The car has been featured in other family members wedding photos before so we had a bit of fun recreating some family traditions.

After we finished our photos with the car, we walked a ways down the property. The greens were still covered with fresh snow. Ann snuggled under her pashmina, and Mike pulled her in close to keep her warm. 

At one point, two geese flew over head, how perfect?! 

Inside the guests were enjoying cocktail hour. TPC looked beautiful and all of the details that Mike and Ann had worked on came together beautifully. 

TPC looked gorgeous the uplighting and centerpieces really made a statement.

I adore the little boxed cupcakes as favors. What a great idea! 


Ann and Mike joined cocktail hour for a bit, before kicking off the night with their first dance to Al Green's "Let's stay together".  Soon their guests joined them on the dance floor for the end of the song. 

Next it was time for blessings and toasts which meant it was time for more funny stories and a room filled with laughter. It was also a time for honest happiness and deep congratulations. 

I think Mike's sister takes the cake for the the most laughter evoked from her speech. Mike turned crimson as he laughed into his napkin, as she retold stories of their youth. 

During dinner time is the perfect time for a photographer to play, while the bride and groom enjoyed the wonderful dinner provided by the culinary team at TPC, I borrowed their wedding bands to photograph them together. So much sparkle!! Aren't her chocolate diamonds beautiful?  

While Ann and Mike enjoyed their dinner with their guests, a secret surprise was taking form outside.... A surprise Ann kept so well, only TPC , the Fire Department and I were privy to it.

After the sun set, Ann grabbed the mic, to thank their guests and wish Mike a very happy 60th Birthday! She shared with Mike that in honor of him, her "confidant, best friend, explorer of life and now husband" she wanted to show him how he "lights up her heart and makes it sparkle." She then asked him to join her outside on the patio for a surprise.

Mike was so surprised, he was almost speechless! Everyone enjoyed the view. The fireworks display was quite impressive! 

After returning inside the dance floor opened up and the night got crazy! Mike and Ann enjoyed their evening with their family and friends, and danced the night away.

Ann rocked out to a special request by ACDC. Can you say Bad Ass Bride?! 

Ann and Mike sealed the night with a kiss outside TPC. It was quite cold by this time... but thoughts of honeymooning in Mexico helped to keep them warm!

Ann and Mike... you deserve all the happiness in the world, your open hearts and contagious laughter have made your wedding a day I will never forget! Congratulations!!! Love you guys! 

Photographer- Shannon Matos Photography

Second Shooter- Joe Gonzalez-Dufresne

Photographer Assistant- Brandon Bebeau

Venue-  TPC Boston

Florist- Roche Bros

Band- KG Express

Cake Artist- Jennifer

Hair and Makeup Artist- Jane Seymour

Wedding Dress and Bridesmaid Dress - Party Dress Express

Men's Tuxes- Brooks Brothers



Leaveine and Darnell's Boston City Hall Elopement

When I received an email from Leaveine requesting me to photograph her and Darnell's Elopement at Boston City Hall, I was ecstatic! This amazing couple has been engaged for a few years, and life has had a way of keeping them very busy. They are the blessed parents of a wonderful little boy, who I was lucky enough to meet at one of their family portrait sessions earlier this year. DJ is quite the character and loved being in the spotlight. It was with this session they made the announcement that they were expecting twins! Fast forward a few months and Leaveine and Darnell decided there would be no better time to tie the knot, than just before their little family grew by two.  So they set the date, and decided on a Boston City Hall ceremony in the beautiful snowy month of February! Not only was this going to be their wedding date... but it fell on Leavein's birthday! (PSST! Darnell that means anniversary and birthday gifts from now on) haha!



We arrived early to take advantage of the pretty light before their  ceremony. We started across the street at the the Faneuil Hall - Quincy Market area. There was a good amount of snow remaining on the ground from last weeks snow storm. It made for a good excuse for me to play in the snow! 


They were such good sports walking around in below freezing temperatures, especially Leaveine who wore the cutest white sundress and denim Jacket. YES! Those are UGG boots... This chick can rock anything! 


When it was time for their ceremony we headed back to City Hall and we went up to the sixth floor where all the couples wait to be married. There were two other happy newlyweds leaving as we walking in. Leaveine kicked off her boots and with Darnell's help, slipped on some super cute heels. This bride deserves an applause for wearing heels just days before she is due with twins!! 


Their ceremony was short and sweet. After exchanging the rings and their vows they shared their first kiss, and we headed back out for some more fun in the snow. 


I am so happy for Leaveine and Darnell, who just FOUR... that's right four days after being married at City Hall, shared the wonderful news that their two little bundles of joy were delivered safely and are happy and healthy. DJ is now a big brother to Demi and Denym! How cute are those names?! Leaveine and Darnell are enjoying their family and their first few days as newlyweds. Nothing could be a better birthday gift for Leaveine than that!   


Congratulations Leaveine and Darnell... I am so excited for your next family portrait session, I can not wait to meet Demi and Denym!  

Anne and Phils New Years Day Wedding.

Anne and Phil held their wedding on the very first day of the year! New Years day holds special meaning to them as a family, so they chose to celebrate their love on January 1. Together they braved the chilly air on this sunny afternoon, surrounded by their closest family and friends, and said their vows in the gazebo right here in town. 

north attleboro wedding

Minutes before the ceremony Phil stood at the North Attleboro gazebo, located at Town Hall. As he waited for his bride a true sense of excitement was rolling off of him. He laughed with his son, as they chatted and exchanged well wishes. 

Meanwhile inside just across the street, Anne waited in the warmth, until it was time to make her way to the ceremony. She looked beautiful, her dress was absolutely perfect for her, and she wore the cutest head piece, which she proudly informed me, she had made herself. It was so unique and absolutely fitting for this special occasion.

Outside at the ceremony site, warm blankets and mittens waited for the guests who were just starting to arrive. 

Phil surprised Anne as he unrolled his large scroll of vows... everyone erupted into laughter. He light up as he saw the smile come across Anne's face.

Anne and Phil are both locals. Anne is a North Attleboro Selectman which really made their choice in ceremony location extra special. 

Even though the newlyweds were certainly chilly, we stayed outside just a little while longer to capture  some beautiful portraits. It was so worth it! I mean look at Anne , she is glowing! 

On the way to the reception, we stopped at their home, for a few more private family portraits.  The Reception was held at the Attleboro Area Industrial History Museum. If you have never been to the museum, it is pretty cool. It is filled with some really amazing history that dates back to the era of mills and jewelry making which Attleboro was known for. Anne and Phil wanted a casual get together where they and their guests could mingle and enjoy themselves. This space was one of the most unique settings I have ever seen a reception help in, which made it so cool.  

So here is a side story for you... The museum has several mannequins posing at informative exhibits, you can see one here in the top left photo. These two gentleman in this photo witnessed me turn to the mannequin and ask him to be in their photo. Whoops, not a guest haha!! 

The reception was catered by Pranzi Catering, they put out a lovely spread for the guests to enjoy. 

Anne's two daughters took turns giving toasts, and making the guests laugh... and cry. It was very sweet. 

Anne and Phil enjoyed their first dance together and kicked the celebration off, their guests joined in, and everyone was laughing and having a great time. 

Anne and Phil had a beautiful cupcake tower tower with a small personal cake on top. Everything looked delicious. 

I have to say this wedding was the coolest kick off to this year! Anne and Phil are the sweetest couple and their wedding was absolutely what they wanted, it was perfect. They deserve so much happiness together, what a better way to start the new year, than starting your lives together! 

Shannon Matos Photography A Year In Review

I can’t believe 2016 has come and gone already! What a whirlwind it was! So many wonderful things happened this past year.  Now that the holidays are over I would like to take a look back to share some of the fun and exciting moments of 2016. 

This past year was filled with so much emotion, exciting changes and lots of laughter.  Some crazy things happened, I shot a wedding that had llamas, orchestrated my first ever styled shoot, I met Santa Claus, I even shot a wedding with a broken foot.

This year I got to work with and meet so many amazing vendors…  Bebe Simone Makeup Artist, Readyset[film], C-Zone Entertainment, B-Sharp Entertainment, Exquisite Events, Sweet Tooth Boston, and Katydid Flowers to name just a few. 

I also got to shoot at some pretty awesome venues. Venues like OceanCliff, Lakeview Pavilion, Lake Pearl Wrentham, and The Villa at Ridder Country Club. One trend this year was smaller more intimate weddings at private, and more personal venues like The Sun Tavern Inn in Duxbury and The Moonlite Inn in Rehoboth and The Colonel Blackinton Inn in Attleboro. One of my favorite places I shot at this year was the Galilee Beach Club in South County Rhode Island. I loved shooting the ceremony with my toes in the sand!

Time really does fly by so quickly when you are having fun. Having a partner this year was a blast. As you know I merged studios with Jen Osojnicki Photographer at the beginning of 2016. Jen made the decision to retire her successful photography business after shooting for twenty six years! She honored me when she chose me as her successor. I am so thrilled to be taking care of her clients moving forward in this new year and the future. While I will miss our midnight snack runs after weddings, and HGTV binge sessions in the office, I am super excited for her to enjoy this next chapter of her life as a Jen Osojnicki, Realtor for Kensington Real Estate. Working beside her this past year was as cool as it gets! The wealth of knowledge she shared with me was truly empowering. I can't thank her enough for giving me the extra edge that will ensure my future clients receive the best care! 


2016 was a year for getting involved and giving back which has always been super important to me! I was so excited to photograph some really special non-profit and charitable events. The Julia Cekala Charitable Foundation is a special foundation to me I am so happy to have worked with them photographing their Annual Wine Gala and their Butterfly 5k Race right here in town. I got to photograph a few others like the NAHS Music Department's back to the 60's Race, Operation Stand Down which gives assistance to local homeless veterans. I was thrilled to photograph the brave Men and Women that serve in the USMC at their 241 birthday Marine Corps Ball. Ooh Rah! Perhaps the most exciting thing I became involved with this year, was joining the board of the Friend Of Capron Park Zoo. We at the Friends are a working board who's efforts are focused on improving the zoo for not just the animals but for the friends and families that come to enjoy the Capron Park Zoo. 

It is said that if you "do what you love, you will never work a day in your life". I honestly can say I love my job! This is largely in part due to my AMAZING clients. I cannot say enough about the couples that we worked with this year.  I simply adore them! It is the best feeling in the world when a happy bride and groom pull you onto the dance floor for a sweaty hug at the end of the night! ;) Our couples are downright awesome. Each bride and groom and the wedding they planned were all so unique and fun in their own way! There no shortage style, personalization, and fun at their weddings. There was also never a dull moment! We had a California boy ride a bike through his rental house. We had a bride and groom who hosted their wedding on their own farm/ B&B.  We even had a couple who play in a band together play their own first dance dance song. The one thing all of these amazing couples had in common was their general kindness and ability to have a good time! I am so lucky to have gotten to know them all, and I look forward to working with them again in the future photographing other life events. 

We do some crazy things for our couples, like standing in the rain while we get the perfect lighting set up... Thanks Jessica McHale for this fun shot! 

We do some crazy things for our couples, like standing in the rain while we get the perfect lighting set up... Thanks Jessica McHale for this fun shot! 

Bearing witness to so much love is such a privilege and it is a constant reminder of how lucky I am to be doing something I adore! I can't wait to see what 2017 brings. I am working with some amazing couples. I am looking forward to shooting at some new venues as well as working with the vendors I already know and love. This year I am super excited I get to board a plane to shoot my first ever destination wedding! This year is going to rock!  Thank you all for a wonderful 2016! Here's to a new year filled with even more good times, and hopefully no broken foot! Cheers! 









Allison and Wes's Intimate wedding at the Sun Tavern in Duxbury

Sometimes the smaller more intimate weddings end up being my absolute favorites. Allison and Wes chose to have their closest family members with them as they exchanged their vows on the lawn of the Sun Tavern, in Duxbury MA. Their ceremony was so sweet. 


Allison got ready at her parents house, we arrived just before she was ready to slip into her dress. I just love her sunflower bouquet.  Allison applied the finishing touches to her makeup just before climbing into the limo with her dad. 

Duxbury wedding
wedding dress
getting ready

We headed to the Tavern to catch some portraits of Wes before Allison arrived. The Tavern was the cutest location for their ceremony. The weather was absolutely perfect. The ceremony site was just in front of an outdoor patio that was decorated with twinkle lights and sunflowers.  

sun tavern inn

When the limo pulled in we tucked Wes away, so they didn't see each other. He was so happy, you could see a sparkle in his eyes when he heard she had arrived. 


Allison's dad walked her down the path way to where Wes was waiting. Close family members were gathered around. Everything about the ceremony was intimate. The ceremony was officiated by Allison's brother, who married them perfectly. 

day of officiant

After the ceremony we took the newlyweds around the property for some beautiful portraits and a quiet moment together. 

bride and groom

The Sun Tavern had some really cute spots to photograph. 

sun tavern

Later Allison and Wes joined their family on the patio for a cocktail reception and a champagne toast. After a few drinks on the patio the celebration moved inside where they enjoyed the Taverns yummy cuisine. 


Allison and Wes held a next day reception for all the extended friends and family that we unable to attend their smaller ceremony the day before. The next day party was held at Allison's parents house under a large white tent. They had lawn games, catered food and drinks, and a DJ to get the party going. Everyone had such a great time. Especially Allison and Wes who spent the night celebrating with all their loved ones! 

tent wedding



Beautiful Wedding at Meadow Brook Inn

Anshumita and Peter had hosted their American wedding at the beautiful Meadow Brook Inn in Charlestown Rhode Island, it was a wonderful celebration and a great way to rev-up the excitement for their upcoming wedding in Dubai. The grounds at Meadow Brook as so pretty, there are so many little vignettes that make photographing a wedding there so much fun. It was a perfect day and the sun was shining!


While Anshu was tucked away before the ceremony Peter and I headed outside for some portraits . He looked absolutely debonair. 


Peter smiled brightly when he saw Anshu walking across the lawn to him. They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony, which was delightfully enhanced by the sound of violins. 


After their intimate ceremony Anshu and Peter joined us for their portraits. Admittedly I had too much fun shooting these two. Not only did we have one of the quaintest venues in Rhode Island to explore, but they are an adorable couple. Anshu was wearing the biggest smile, which made putting my camera down, near impossible.


I absolutely love this little bench tucked away behind the Hosta's,it reminds me of something out of a secret garden. 


It was time to capture some portraits of Anshu alone to complement the ones we took of Peter before the ceremony. She was simply stunning. 


Anshu slipped off her gorgeous ivory Badgley Mishka's so she could walk comfortably around the property. It made for a super cute photo!


Inside the details adorned pops of pinks and greens. Their cake was beautiful and simple. I loved the tropical looking flowers that dressed it up. 


The bride and groom joined each other up on a stage, to enjoy their first dance together. As Peter spun his bride around she lit up with laughter.


The reception was a blast. Anshu and Peter enjoyed dancing with their family and friends to a mix of dance music and Bollywood tunes. There was never a moment that the dance floor was empty. 


I am so glad I was able to photograph this awesome couple and their American dream wedding.

Engagement Session at Greenvale Vineyards in Newport RI

Lisa and Eric are engaged to be married this September at Ocean Cliff in Newport. I am so excited to shoot their wedding, I know it is going to be absolutely gorgeous. Lisa and Eric were so easy and fun to photograph at their engagement session. They both have this wonderfully laid back California-life kind of attitude that made their e-session a breeze. They chose to have engagement photos taken at Greenvale Vineyards in Newport for a couple of reasons. Not only is Newport where their nuptials are set to take place, but Eric being from California is somewhat of a wine connoisseur. So Greenvale was naturally the perfect place to go! 

When we arrived Eric and Lisa were sampling the different wines and trying to choose a few to take home. It was a really neat spin to the usual engagement session, and a nice way to capture real candids of the bride and groom to be.


Once they were ready, we headed out on to the property to take some beautiful photos in the vineyards.


Hey Eric we can see you nuzzling her behind those vines! ;)


I can't think of a better to practice your first dance than in the middle of a vineyard? Why not!


Eric and Lisa were really enjoying themselves and just having fun walking and talking as we explored the grounds of Greenvale.


We stumbled upon this perfect little patch of wild flowers, how could we not take a few photos in the flowers?! 


Whiskey barrels are kind of my favorite! You know what makes them even better? An adorable couple next to them!


Eric and Lisa wanted to mix up the photos a little bit, so after we'd had our fun in the vineyards we drove just down the road, to a quaint little beach and grabbed some of my favorite images of the day.


Eric and Lisa love each other in such a way that it is impossible not to feel the love right through the camera. We laughed out loud as Eric scooped Lisa up and went into the water. 


I can't wait to post more beautiful images of this wonderful couple in September when we are at Oceancliff. Something tells me their wedding is going to be amazing!

Wedding at the Villa at Ridder Country Club

Meet Becca and Greg... They had a fabulous wedding at one of the Saphire Event Groups locations, The Villa at Ridder Country Club. There wedding day was made of gold glitter, warm embraces and pure perfection.  They were one of my favorite weddings to shoot this year! (Even on a broken foot haha!) 

bridal portraits

The day began like most wedding days, Jen was with the girls and I got to hang out with the guys. Upon walking into Greg's room I realized this was going to be a special wedding! His room was filled with his best friends and lots of laughter. Admittedly I didn't realize right away that one of his guys was cardboard cutout of a cousin who couldn't make it. How great is that?!


Oh Greg... I will forever chuckle when I see this photo of you getting stuck in your shirt! 


Becca wrote Greg the sweetest card and had a handkerchief personalized with a message to him on it. 


We went to Howlands landing in Duxbury for their first look. This location was a dream! I can't say enough about how much I love shooting first looks! The look on Greg's face while he waited for Becca is priceless but Becca's smile tight embrace says it all!

first look

I could have shot all afternoon at the landing, the place was truly beautiful, as were the bride and groom!

first look

There was a delightful little bay filled with boats at the landing, so we climbed up onto a pier to get some nice shots over by the water. 


Becca and Greg had their ceremony at the Villa at Ridder Country Club. Hints of gold and neutral tones with pops of pink made the decor very elegant. 


We have had some really cute ring bearers this year... But just look at those pink suspenders! 


There is nothing better than an intimate first kiss. I love this shot of Greg embracing Becca as he kisses his wife for the first time!


After the ceremony we stole the bride and groom for a few minutes to give them a moment alone and we were able to capture some truly stunning portraits of the newlyweds.

bridal portraits

We had such a wonderful time photographing Becca and Greg's gorgeous wedding. Their wedding was absolutely perfect, they make a beautiful couple. Congratulations Becca and Greg!


Ceremony & Reception – The Villa at Ridder Country Club

Coordinator – Stephanie Silva

Hair – Beehive the Salon

Makeup – Makeup by Jillian

Justice of the Peace – Thomas Welch

Cake – Just Desserts

Flowers – All About Flowers for Weddings

DJ – Max Baun from C-Zone Entertainment

Twinkle Lighting – Illumination Designs

Bride’s Gown – Alexandra’s Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaid’s Gowns – Alexandra’s Bridal Boutique

Photographers – Jen Osojnicki & Shannon Matos

Photography Assistant – Maura Moore

Videographer – Steven Levin

Wedding at the Renaissance Hotel at Patriots Place

Cheri and Eddie were married at the Renaissance Hotel at Patriots Place. Their weddings was infused with love, laughter and lots and lots of PINK! Jen hung out with Cheri and the girls while I was capturing Eddie with his guys. I noticed right away the pops of pink that were prevalent throughout their details. Eddie looked like the happiest man alive. Eddies smile brightened the room and his laughter could be heard from out in the hall. The happiness was contagious, I couldn't help but smile along, especially after the worlds cutest ring bearer came in the room. Look at his tuxedo bib! I mean come on, how cute?!


Eddie and Cheri shared their first look with their daughter. It was such a special moment!  She ran into her dads arms and he scooped her up. An expression of sheer joy spread across Eddies face as he saw Cheri for the first time in her beautiful wedding gown. 


We took Cheri and Eddie outside for a few portraits before the ceremony. It was sprinkling slightly outside, not enough to keep us indoors but enough to bring the good luck that is said to come along with rain on your wedding day.


Cheri and Eddie planned a beautiful sand ceremony for their wedding ceremony. Complete with black, white and pink sand.


Can we talk about how excited Eddie is that Cheri just became his wife? I just love them!


During cocktail hour guests were encouraged to sign a guestbook that featured photos form their gorgeous engagement session, and to leave a message for the bride and groom on a larger than life bottle of wine. I have to say the guests loved the creativity of this cute idea.


Inside the ball room the details were even more fabulous. Their Konditor Meister cake was simply gorgeous. Everything was dripping with pink and rhinestones. It was every girls dream! The guests were surprised by personalized cotton candy set in their personal wine glasses.


Cheri and Eddie set the tone for the night as they twirled around happily during their first dance.


I love a parent dance that gives you the feels. Eddie cried into his mothers shoulders while they shared their very special Mother Son dance. Cheri looked up at her dad adoringly during their dance together. The room was definitely feeling the love!


Want to know how to throw a party that will fill the dance floor, good music, good friends and personalized glow sticks! Cheri and Eddie joined their guests on the dance floor as their DJ, Derek Campbell of Groove Events filled the dance floor.


Cheri and Eddie really enjoyed their reception, as did their guests. It was definitely a night to remember. Cheers to the bride and groom! They deserve all the happiness in the world!


Ceremony & reception venue – Renaissance Hotel Patriot Place

Photographers – Jen Osojnicki & Shannon Matos

Assistant – Laura Riley

Coordinator – Marisa Dunn

Videographer – Axel from Groove Events

Florist – Charlotte Design

DJ – Derek from Grove Events

Cake – Konditor Meister

Makeup & Hair – Bebe Simone

Bride’s dress – David’s Bridal

Bridesmaid’s dresses – David’s Bridal

Men’s attire – Men’s Wearhouse

Nautical Wedding at the Galilee Beach Club

I got my toes in the water... my camera in my hand, not a worry in the world, it's a wedding in the sand, life is good today. Life is good today. Ok so maybe I am better at telling a story through beautiful images and not so much at remixing country songs. ;) but hey, Lauren and Matt's wedding at the Galilee Beach Club was too darn amazing! They both got ready at a nearby hotel in South Kingstown RI, at the Hampton Inn. Lauren and her girls were having the finishing touches applied to their hair and makeup when we arrived. Lauren looked absolutely stunning and she wasn't even in her dress yet! 


After hanging out with the girls for a bit I snuck out temporarily to catch up with the boys. As usual the guys room was filled with laughter and good energy. I found it so amusing that they were all watching Wedding Crashers on the television. Getting in the wedding spirit, and relaxing before the ceremony. 


Lauren and Matt shared a first look by the cabanas of the Galilee Beach Club Deck. Lauren walked up gracefully behind Matt, and the corners of his mouth flickered up into a smile as he heard her foot steps approaching. When he turned to see her for the first time they both smiled widely and we couldn't help but smile from behind our cameras as we were snapping away. After they shared their moment together we went down to the water for some gorgeous beach photos.


I have to admit I could get use to shooting with my toes in the sand all day. If out New England was a warm tropical place all year round! I love that the Block Island ferry popped into to a few of our pictures to show off where we were.  


Lauren Kicked off her starfish sandals before walking on the beach. This wooden wedding sign worked perfectly for this location. the aisle was lined with blue and white hydrangeas, which complemented the blue water and the neutral pallet of the sand and boardwalk nicely.


I just love Lauren's happy smile here as she heads down the aisle to her future husband. On a side note: Can we talk about this amazing color pallet for a second? Lauren was escorted by her Mom and Dad who complimented her aqua wedding colors so well! Lauren carried Pink Coral Charm Peonies that truly popped! Lauren planned a truly beautiful wedding down to the very last detail.   


Inside the wedding details were a dream! They had adorable signage, a charming card box, and beach themed centerpieces which held more fresh cut hydrangeas. 


The bridal party was more than happy to join us for a stroll on the beach during cocktail hour.


Lauren and Matt set the tone for a fun filled evening by opening with a romantic and lively first dance. 


The parent dances shared by Lauren and her father and Matt and his Mom were so sweet. Matt surprised his Mom by breaking into a dance to "It's not unusual" by Tom Jones. Matt that was kind of awesome! 


The rest of the night Lauren and Matt spent the night dancing the night away and enjoying the party with their guests. Everyone had a great time. 


I can't think of a sweater ending to such a wonderful day, than an open Ice Cream Bar... oh and a mouth full of whipped cream!


Lauren and Matt, I had such a wonderful time photographing your wedding day. If I have half as much fun at the rest of my weddings this year as I did at your, this is going to be one amazing season!


Photographers – Jen Osojnicki & Shannon Matos

Photography assistant – Bridget Perry

Hotel – Hampton Inn South Kingstown, RI

Ceremony & Reception – Galilee Beach Club

Wedding Coordinator – Save the Date LLC

Florist – Flower Thyme of Wakefield, RI

Catering – Millonzi Fine Catering

DJ – The Musical Dynamo

Hair & Makeup – Salon Rouge

Bridal gown – David’s Bridal

Bridesmaid dresses – David’s Bridal

Men’s attire – Tommy Bahama shirts

Farm Wedding at the Moonlite Inn in Rehoboth, MA.

This has to be one of the most charming weddings I have ever shot. Jennifer and Luke are two of the nicest people I have ever met. They own their own Bed & Breakfast in Rehoboth, the Moonlite Inn. They host guests regularly on their B&B on the farm, so it lent itself perfectly as the setting for their ceremony and reception. Everything on the farm was decorated and landscaped perfectly. Jen and Luke spent months getting everything perfect. 


There are so many warm and inviting nooks and crannies at this Bed & Breakfast. Their guests could wander through gardens and the farm all day finding wonderfully crafted personal touches to add to the charm of the location. 


How adorable is Jennifer in her flannel shirt and vail? 


Jennifer and Luke had an outdoor ceremony right on the patio, while all their friends and family looked on from the gazebo. They exchanged vows that they wrote themselves, a couple lines evoked a few laughs, like when Jen vowed to always check with Luke before purchasing any "large animals". I guess small animals are fair game. It was a heart felt and sweet ceremony. After the ceremony Jen and I snuck the bride and groom aways for some fun portraits on the farm.


Sequoia, their super friendly miniature donkey (who thinks she's a dog) came right up for a scratch. Luna the baby goat, runs right into Jennifer's arms. There was this amazing connection between Jennifer, Luke, and the animals. You can tell they are really passionate about the life they live, the home they have made and the animals that complete their family.  The baby goats were so huggable, I had to convince Jen that we had to keep working and we couldn't play with the animals all day. ;) Fortunately we had many more beautiful photos to take.



Jennifer and Luke hired an amazing catering company called Distinctive Catering that specialize in farm to table catering. The guests were served a yummy vegetarian made with all the freshest of ingredients.     


They shared their first dance at sunset, under their gazebo that was lit with string lighting. Jennifer and Luke smiled at each other as they danced to their song "Marry me" by Train, that was played on acoustically by their guitarist Mike Higgins. 


It was an absolute pleasure working with Jennifer and Luke, their wedding was a dream, if anyone ever deserved a fairytale it would be these two. We had so much fun taking pretty pictures all over the farm that we didn't want to leave at the end of the night... Jen has already planning to stay at the bed & breakfast so she can play with the animals again. 

Engagement Session at Larz Anderson Park

Meet Stacey and Mike... The sweetest couple engaged to be married next April at the beautiful Independence Harbor in Assonet, Massachusetts. They chose to have their engagement session at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline, Massachusetts. It was a gorgeous day in Brookline, one of the first warm weekend we had... and everything was finally starting to green up which made for some really nice backgrounds. 

   When I first met Stacey and Mike I knew they were going to be a fun couple to work with. They have this amazing connection that makes photographing them a breeze. Mike has a way of making Stacey light up, she is going to be absolutely stunning on their wedding day... I'm sure Mike will be too!


You know the old saying "You can tell how in-love a girl is by how easily her man can make her laugh", Just look at Stacey's beautiful smiles!


I was so surprised when I found out that we were shooting their session on Mikes birthday. What a guy, choosing to share his birthday with us!


Hanging out with Stacey and Mike makes happiness kind of contagious, they had such a good time we couldn't help but laugh along.


As the sun began to set we made our way down to this beautiful scenic grassy field that over looks the Boston skyline, And finished with some gorgeous backlight photos.     


I had such a nice time photographing Stacey and Mike, we had so much fun laughing with them and capturing beautiful photographs. If this engagement session is any indication of what their wedding day will be like, I know it is going to be a blast!

"How did we meet?"

Jen Osojnicki, Photographer has been photographing portraits and events for over 25 years. She has photographed weddings all over New England, traveled to California, New Jersey, and Florida. She's worked with many wonderful brides and grooms who love her and has made lasting relationships with wedding vendors and industry peers. As mentors go, she's alright! Truthfully I am lucky to have the opportunity to learn from her and hopefully absorb some of her wisdom.

Naturally when she introduces me to colleagues, and friends as her new(ish) associate and "heir to the throne" people inquire about how we came to be. We are asked so often "how did you meet" that we joke about the resemblance to the question we so often ask our brides and grooms in our client meetings. But in all honesty Jen’s friends are probably wondering "who is this girl, and why did Jen pick her?" So here it is.

A few years ago shortly after I enrolled in a few photography classes at RISD. I met a teacher named Joe who teaches a wonderfully informative class about business, specifically as it relates to photographers. Joe runs his own consulting company Nakata Consulting, and he’s found his niche as a consultant and advisor to creative entrepreneurs, many of which are photographers. So he really has some great insight into our world.

One day during one of his lessons he spoke of a local photographer. He described Jen... as an example to something pertaining to our discussion. During the break I asked him if he was specifically speaking of Jen Osojnicki, He smiled and asked how I knew her.  I quickly answered him "well I know who she is.. She doesn't know me, I follow her blog." The truth was I had grown up in the town she ran her business out of... and several friends of mine had hired her to photograph their wedding day. Her work was relatable. It was colorful, and fun and had a way of pulling you in. I found her work to be inspiring. Joe encouraged me to reach out to Jen. I laughed and resolved to myself that I wasn't ready. But when is someone ever really ready to take that first step and ask for a chance.

I decided to send Jen an email, you know the overly gushy kind of email that screams “I am a complete newbie”. I told her I loved her work and I expressed my interest in assisting her if ever possible. Unbeknownst to me Joe sent her an email as well, advocating on my behalf that he had a student that she should meet and have a conversation with. Luck was in my favor, Jen invited me to her office. She informed me that she was crazy busy, but was willing to have a quick conversation and answer a few of my questions. I was super excited and admittedly a little nervous. I walked into her office, and sat across from her in a comfy oversized chair. The kind of chair you could curl-up in, with a book and relax, but I was on the edge of the seat; interview style. She welcomed me and asked me what I wanted to know. I asked the most drilling and ingenious question I could come up with. "What advice would you give a new aspiring photographer?". Jen gave me the rundown on the importance of education, presenting your brand with quality and understanding that this is an industry that takes years to build a name for yourself. I soaked up every word, and offered, if she ever needed a second shooter, that I would be thrilled to help. She thanked me and politely informed me that she only brings other full time wedding photographers to weddings. But If she ever needed an assistant (if her go to assistant Bridget was unavailable) she would keep me in mind. I was thrilled. I thanked her for her time and I marched off with new resolution, and a renewed dedication to my craft.

A few gigs came up where Jen was volunteering her time and talent and she invited me to assist. I was happy to tag along and watch her work. I suppose she liked my work ethic because she invited me to come to an event as an assistant. The event was a large (500+ people) Wine Gala being put on by the Julia Cekala Charitable Foundation. A wonderful charity that is near and dear to Jen’s (and now my) heart.

I arrived early, I set up the light stands and dragged in the gear when suddenly Jen handed me her camera. "Here" she said... I fumbled for my words "but I don't know Canon, I shoot Nikon" I replied. "Here" she repeated encouraging me to get out there and figure it out. She reassured  it was good practice for me and it would be fun. I took a deep breath, walked off with the most expensive piece of gear I had ever held in my hand and into a room with the largest amount of people I have shot to date. I approached a nearby couple and asked them to pose for what we call a "grip & grin". I began working the room, kindly introducing myself to the guests and offering to take their picture.


According to Jen this was the moment she realized I had "it". I personally willnever know what made her see me through "it colored glasses” but I am glad she could see that I wanted to learn so badly that I was willing to put aside my rookie nerves and get out there and work. The event was a blast. I shot the whole night, capturing the wine tasting, the guests, the vendors, the raffle items and even some epic dance floor shots. If you have never gone to the Wine Gala it is a really fun night and a great cause. You can read about the charity here.


Much has happened between that night and the night Jen informed me of her goals to pursue her new career in real estate. I still remember sitting in disbelief  as she told me that she felt I was the right person to be her successor and take care of Jen Osojnicki, Photographer’s clients. Many things had to fall into place to allow us to partner up and work together this year. While I attribute the night we shot Julia's wine event as the proverbial moment it clicked, I believe if I weren't actively pursuing knowledge and readily available to volunteer my time such wonderful opportunities may never have presented themselves. In the end it worked out better than we could have imagined... and that is how "we" came to be.


Styled Shoot at Historical Home in Attleboro, MA.

Woo hoo! I am so excited to share with you some of my favorite images from the most recent styled shoot we did. In my last blog entry I showed you a beautiful property at which Jen and I shot a press release for Kensington Real Estate and 3am Writers. We absolutely fell in love with the historical home (that is currently listed through Kensington Real Estate). As we walked through the rooms of the old victorian home, we each had visions of a beautiful bride standing in a lace dress at the bottom of the stairs, over by the window, and draped across a vintage couch. We had to come back! Thanks to Sheryle DeGirolamo we were able to come back and have a really fun and inspiring styled shoot at this beautiful location! The wheels in our head started turning and so the search for our collaborators and details began. One of Jen's former brides Ashley was kind enough to let us borrow her David's Bridal wedding gown. The dress was perfect for what we were looking for it was simple and sweet, the lace had just the right amount of a vintage feel. We were so lucky Ashely was kind enough to let us use it! Once we acquired the dress we contacted our friend Jen Brillon from Silpada Design, we told her what we were up to and she gladly joined us in on the fun! The week leading up to the shoot we collaborated ideas and discussed how many different looks she could provide with jewelry by Silpada. The day of the shoot she rolled out a huge display of gorgeous bracelets, earnings, and necklaces. It was like every girls dream! The flowers were designed by Katydid Flowers in Mendon, MA. When I met with Kim from Katydid, I told her about our vision for a weedy and wild looking bouquet, She totally nailed it! I love the splash of color she added in to help it look more fresh and "springy". 



We couldn't have found a more perfect model, than our future " Bride to be" Jayme. She is getting married at Sunday River in Maine this fall and Jen and I will be going up there to photograph the wedding. I can't wait! Jayme got to meet Bebe Simone a local and (traveling) Makeup Artist that we love to work with and highly recommend. Seriously... If you are in search of a someone to help you with your makeup give this woman a call she is fabulous! Jayme loved the way Bebe did her makeup so much that she hired her for her wedding day. I love when things work out!


The "getting ready" portion of the shoot, was so much fun! While Bebe was working her magic, we were all prepping for the shoot, listening to Pandora on shuffle (and stuffing our faces with brownies). The vibe was so relaxed, it was so different from the buzzing excitement that can normally be felt the morning of a real wedding. It was kind of fun! Jen and I continued snapping some behind the scenes shots as Jayme got ready.



When I was planning what talented vendors I wanted to collaborate with I knew my girl Melissa Rock would be up for the fun. I have been working with Melissa for years and can personally attest to her amazing talent. She has a way of making her clients not only look beautiful but feel beautiful. I guess Jayme would agree, seeing-as Melissa will be joining "Team Jayme" up in Maine on Jayme & Brendan's big day. I am really looking forward to working with these lovely ladies again at the wedding. 


Jayme is a natural beauty. She has such a pretty smile the kind that shows a little sparkle in her eyes. She was a delight to photograph. 


We had a blast playing in the "playground" of photo worthy rooms. Jayme was great, just going with the flow.


I cannot say enough about how much I really love this Bouquet by Katydid Flowers, and paired with that necklace from Silpada! Pure love.


Jayme was working it... At one point we asked her if she had experience modeling. She told us a charming story about how she use to do baby modeling when she was really young. Jayme laughed as she told us how her modeling career came to an end after a diva like tantrum. Fortunately there were no tantrums at our shoot... Just kidding Jayme!


Later we went outside for a few shots. Some of my favorite shots were taken on the large front and side porch of the property.


Jayme is going to make a stunning bride. Her finance is one lucky guy! 


Lucky for me Jen is apparently hilarious on command. She had no trouble making Jayme burst out in laughter. (What happens at the shoot stays at the shoot.)


The property has a small little river that flows along side it, Jen and I loved the way the light was starting to set just behind the bridge, it made Jayme glow.  


Back inside we took a few more casual shots as we wound down for the day. 


"Team Jayme" here. Thank you Jayme, Bebe and Melissa! You were all fantastic! See you guys in Maine!!



A special thank you is in order to our friend Jen Brillion who styled and supplied all of our details and Jewelry pieces. 



And a great big thank you to Sheryle DeGirolamo for allowing us back on the beautiful property and for helping this become a reality. 


Model- Jayme Billafer

Makeup Artist- Bebe Simone

Hair Stylist- Melissa Rock

Jewelry- Jen Brillon Silpada Designs

Photographer- Shannon Matos

Photographer Assistant- Jen Osojnicki

Location- 200 North Main St Attleboro, MA

Dress- David's Bridal (borrowed by Ashley Yee)


Photo Shoot for 3am Writers and Kensington Real Estate Brokerage


A few weeks ago Jen Osojnicki, Photographer was hired to photograph a press release for two local business'. We were thrilled to create images for the press release for Aileen McDonough owner of 3am Writers, and her long time client Sheryle DiGirolamo Owner of Kensington Real Estate Brokerage. Let me tell you a little about these two lovely ladies.

Aileen is a genius when it comes to content, 3 am writers offers a variety of services beyond writing. She helps with social media strategy, websites and blogs, content strategy and much more. Aileen's clients are varied and come from many different business backgrounds, From interior decorators and car dealerships to boutique real estate firms (Even photographers wink wink). Since Aileen's work portfolio is so varied she decided to bring on Jen Osojnicki photographer to capture her out in the world for her clients, a fun press release series featuring her meeting her clients in "their" world. Which is what allowed us to shoot in this amazing space. 

Sheryle DiGirolamo is a local REALTOR® and owner of a boutique real estate firm, Kensington Real Estate Brokerage. She has offices in Attleboro and in Boston. It was Sheryle's idea to have the shoot at one of Kensington's listed properties. 200 North Main St, Attleboro MA. This beautiful historical home was once owned by the local legend Colonel Blackington. This beauty sits directly across the street from the famous Colonel Blackington Inn, a property built for Blackington's son . The listed house is rich with history and has the expected charm to accompany it. Each room is beautiful yet refined. My personal favorite room hosts a larger than life bay window that wraps around almost one fourth of the room, allowing some gorgeous soft light to filter in (a Photographers dream). Jen and I kind of fell in love with the property, so we asked Sheryle if we could come back and use the listing as the location for our bridal shoot. To my delight we were able to come back in and take some truly amazing photographs that I simply can't wait to share with you!

Photographing Aileen and Sheryle was fun they are both such wonderful women and they have a sincere positive energy about them, that it made capturing candid conversation and smiles between the two of them a breeze.

Jen even snuck in and snapped a picture of me while I was shooting. We all had a great time shooting this Press release. 

I cannot wait to share our next shoot held at this awesome location! It's going to be filled with some serious eye candy!

Lakeview Pavilion Wedding

I am so excited to share a recent wedding I shot with Jen Osojnicki, Photographer. The start to our wedding season began with Amanda and Chris's super romantic Lakeview Pavilion wedding. Their wedding was filled with wonderfully thought out details, Amanda's vintage inspired vision brought magazine worthy details to life. It was an absolute privilege photographing each sweet and intimate moment shared between this wonderful couple, and their gorgeous wedding.

The details are one of my favorite things to photograph! During the morning while everyone is still getting beautiful and having their hair and make up done, I like to sneak off and take some photos of all the details and accessories that the bride worked so hard to pull together. The day goes by so fast, yet so many months... years even, go into pulling the look together. I find it is so important to document those little details.

Amanda's gorgeous BHLDN gown, seemed so appropriate for the vintage scene of the Proctor Mansion Inn in Wrentham, where they were getting ready. I am kind of in love with her shoes... Aren't you? 

Can we talk about this AMAZING hand made brooch bouquet that Amanda made herself? I honestly can't say if I could find a favorite brooch, they all work so beautifully together, a vintage feel with just the right pops of color. Oh and by the way the bouquet was just as heavy as it looks, That thing could be used as a weapon! No wonder Amanda has such toned arms! 

Brooch Bouquet

In the brides room excitement was buzzing in the air as amanda finished getting ready. I just love the morning jitters when the girls are all starting to realize its "really going to happen".Amanda was glowing. 

Meanwhile Chris was a few rooms down getting himself ready to head down to their first look, The grooms room is always so chill! 


Amanda and Chris had one of the most intimate first looks I have ever seen, the way they melted into each others embrace was truly romantic. Amanda was brought to tears as Chris's smile spread wide across his face. Want to know a secret? Jen cried too! It was one of those special moments where the love between two people can be genuinely seen, which is what makes being a part of their day so special.

After their first look, we stole them for a little alone time before the ceremony and captured some really beautiful portraits. The best part of photographing Amanda and Chris is that they are so naturally in love they simply had to be themselves. How cute are they? 

The ceremony was held at the gorgeous newly renovated Lakeview Pavilion. The aisle was lined with framed photos of their loved ones adorning white chiavari chairs. 

It was a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony. Tissues for days! 

Lakeview's new renovations are truly breath taking. The chandeliers and wide open ceilings invite you in onto a spacious dance floor, surrounded by white on white decor, a perfect pallet for any wedding theme.    

The reception was held in the main ballroom which was wonderfully decorated with Amanda's creative centerpieces and personal touches. She spent a year collecting all the different artifacts that would become her centerpieces and tablescapes. Her details are definitely an inspiration to a DIY bride who wants an alternative to the traditional centerpieces. I loved the idea of leaving a post card for the bride and groom! The stunning (and very yummy) cake was made by Konditor Meister

Amanda and Chris enjoyed their first dance to Strangers in the night by Frank Sinatra. The ball room was filled with smiles and laughter as Amanda's three adorable daughters to joined in. Can you feel the love?!

Amanda and Chris know how to throw a great party, it was a fun reception as they danced the night away, while their DJ mixed it up. 


Photographer-Jen Osojnicki, Photographer, (yours truly as second photographer)

Photographers Assistant- Laura Riley

Getting Ready location- Proctor Mansion Inn

Ceremony and Reception location- Lakeview Pavilion

Hair and Makeup- Caitlin Doris

Bridal Gown- BHDLN

Bridesmaids Gowns- BHDLN

Men's Attire- Men's wearhouse

DJ- Eternal Events

Cake- Konditor Meister

Flowers- DIY by Amanda





Exciting News


Last week my mentor, partner, and friend Jen Osojnicki made a very exciting announcement on her blog. And Now I would like to share with you that exciting news!

After 25 awesome years of totally rocking it as a wedding photographer, Jen is entering a new and exciting chapter in her life. She is beginning a new business working for a boutique real estate brokerage called Kensington Real Estate Brokerage. I encourage you to check out her website www.Jenohomes.com. Here's the truth, I know Jen will be just as successful in real estate as she is in her photography business, because she is passionate about helping people... and she has an infatuation with homes of all kinds, Have you seen her pinterest boards?. And let's be honest she knows EVERYONE. She has the drive, the passion and the know how to help couples, families and individuals find the place that's just right for them. She is transitioning into this new career throughout the next year, together we will be fulfilling her last year of weddings with the same... love and expertise. Which means that for the next 9 months or so I get to peek over her shoulder and watch episodes of Fixer Upper and Property Brothers on her spare monitor while we work in the office!! Woo hoo!

All Kidding aside It has been an amazing opportunity to get to work beside the infamous Jen Osojnicki, learning her ways and honing my skills so that I can take over her business. OH? That part you hadn't heard yet? Yes, I have some truly exciting news of my own!! This Year Shannon Matos Photography joined forces with Jen Osojnicki, Photographer. I have been developing my brand and technical skills faster than I ever imagined possible. She is kind of like my own Mr Miyagi, or Yoda maybe... Or is is more like when Willy Wonka tells Charlie that he will be inheriting the chocolate factory? You get the idea. I have truly hit the jackpot of mentors, and understand how incredibly lucky I am. What does this mean for you, my wonderful clients? Well it means that I have become a stronger photographer with an even more trained eye. Jen is working hard to cram 25 years of experience into me. So her beloved clients as well my own, can rest assured they will be taken care of by a photographer who focuses on creating an customer service based experience that they deserve with quality imagery and products.  

If you are a 2016 "JO"  bride I look forward to working with you on your wedding day, beside the amazing and super talented photographer you chose. If you are getting married in 2017 I encourage you to contact me, I would love to have to opportunity to take care of you just the way Jen would have, I know we will have fun! Cheers to new beginnings!