Fire pit at Arrowhead Acres in Uxbridge
Shannon Matos Photography

Fire pit at Arrowhead Acres in Uxbridge

Stephanie and Chris were had their ceremony and reception at Arrowhead Acres in Uxbridge, MA which is a lovely rustic Christmas tree farm. It was a little cold out but the bride and groom really wanted a fire pit photo. The fire pit was sit up just outside of the reception space surrounded by homemade benches. We asked them to sit and cuddle behind the fire while we set up the lighting. The smoke went up just at the right time and we were able to get this intimate smokey moment. The bride wore a trendy tea length lace dress so she could show off her cute little ballet slippers. The groom wore a nice black suit which made his orange tie pop.

Photographer - Shannon Matos Photography

Bride - Stephanie Young

Groom - Chris Young

Venue - Arrowhead Acres

Photo location - Arrowhead Acres

Location - 92 Aldrich St, Uxbridge, MA 01569

Date - October 2016

Season - Fall

Camera - Canon EOS 5D Mark lll

Lens - 70-200mm 2.8 

focal length - 70mm

Shutter Speed - 1/160

Aperture - 4

Iso - 2500

Lighting - One flash was placed behind their head and one flash with a Mag Mod grid and sphere was placed to their right to light their face.

Makeup - 

Hair - 

Copy write information - Shannon Matos Photography 2017

Location: 92 Aldrich St, Uxbridge, MA 01569.