Reception at Five Bridge Inn, Rehoboth MA
Shannon Matos Photography

Reception at Five Bridge Inn, Rehoboth MA

Mallory & James were married at the Five Bridge Inn located down a long and winding road in rural Rehoboth, Mass. The venue includes a very New England style bed & breakfast when the bridal party can get ready before the wedding. The venue also has a large tent and a barn with very friendly goats and alpacas. This groomsman was enjoying listening to the bride and groom sing on the dance floor of the beautifully decorated and lit reception tent. The room was filled with sunflower centerpieces. The groomsmen wore dark suits and eggplant colored ties with sunflower boutonnieres. The tent was also filled with tons of twinkle lights strung up along the ceiling.

The Five Bridge Inn is a great venue for a unique New England Farm Wedding and reception. There are so many hidden spots to explore. 

Photographer - Shannon Matos Photography

Bride - Mallory Connolly

Groom - James Connolly

Venue - Five Bridge Inn

Location - 152 Pine St, Rehoboth, MA 02769

Date - October 2016

Season - Fall

Camera - Canon EOS 5D Mark lll

Lens - 24-70mm 2.8 

focal length - 70mm

Shutter Speed - 1/200

Aperture - 4

Iso - 2500

Lighting - One on-camera canon 600RT speed light and two off-camera 600 RT speed lights on light stands

Makeup - 

Hair - 

Copy write information - Shannon Matos Photography 2017

Location: 152 Pine St, Rehoboth, MA 02769.